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Jean Vanier at 80, a Seven Part Series

On January 24th, Vision TV presents  :

A Fearful Joy - "Growing old gracefully".  

 Jean Vanier discusses old age, the nearness of death, the advantages of a slow death surrounded by people we know helping them cope with the reality of one's passing. A discussion about being 80 and the way old age is viewed by our culture. His own disengagement from his work related responsibilities, the pleasures of aging as consuming desires are set aside. Also the danger of concluding that the world is much worse than it was when one was young, of becoming a carping critic.

Also on Vision TV from January 24 - 28

  • Jean Vanier at 80 - "Being 80: What Took You So Long?" / Jan 24 at 11pm ET
  • Trust - "Why God is in disrepute" / Jan 25 at 11pm ET
  • What Is Sacred - "Why religion will survive” / Jan 25 at 11:30pm ET
  • Inwardness - ”The need to love” / Jan 26 at 11pm ET
  • A Journey To Meaning - "How to gain from loss" / Jan 26 at 11:30pm ET
  • Grief As A Process - "The epiphany of despair, the journey to meaning" / Jan 28 at 11pm PT
  • Jean Vanier in Conversation - The Need for Self Acceptance / Jan 28 at 11:30pm

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